Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Looking

The other day I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with one of my best friends.  She had an invitation to see the Impressionist and Fashion in Modernity exhibit.  Not sure if that's the true title....we went and it was wonderful to see all the incredible works of art that has influenced and inspired the fashion designers today.
 We love to visit the museum and always re-visit many of the of my favorite galleries, and I have many, is to visit the European and Greek Sculpture galleries....I soooo wanted to make a visit to these galleries but didn't...:  (  no worries, not a loss, not a loss at all.  Anytime, I'll visit again...although, in homage, I made sure to visit and give homage the Hecate and Kybele sculpture that's in one of the smaller galleries adjacent to the Cycladic art and sculptures.  You know, I'm really considering becoming a volunteer and hopefully, a docent...that would be lovely.
So we're venturing around, looking at some of our favorite galleries and decided to take a tour of the Egyptian art.  What a lovely tour it was to revisit more of our favorite rooms and Egyptian galleries.  I learned a thing and more about the embalming process and how and why many of the Egyptian sculptures weren't damaged and there are many that are...and that is a given with all the destruction that's taken place in history.  Part of the undamaged process is due to and unlike the classical sculptures, many of the Egyptian sculptures, mainly the seated Pharaohs haven't any gaping holes or overly-extended masses that protrudes from the body, creating a solid form and thus creates most of the body parts to remain intact....funny thing...I should have known that when I was sculpting my Hathor figure at one point...a mystery answered, well, I was excited to hear this bit of information and will look at the Egyptian sculpture more informed and enlightened, with a deep appreciation for the sculptor.  While on our tour, we visited the Book of the Dead galleries of the exhibit, and I think I may have a faux color rendition of the embalming of Imhotep, in which I found out that there are many named Imhotep, a popular name back process depicts the judgement and weighing of his heart.  Oh about them Egyptians, steeped in deep magick with a profound sense of preservation and immortality.  At the end of our tour, we walked into the beginnings of the Assyrian-Babylonian galleries...I love it's great to know that history has existed and tells its story through pictographs, hieroglyphics and the many incredulous ways of art and sculpture, oh, the stories and mysteries that's captured within its imagery.  Also, I we walked into another side room to pay homage to Hathor.  This lovely sculpture adorned with her trendy flip do and cow ears sits resting on a pedestal...It takes me back to a journey to Dendera..  My journey to Dendera was brief, yet vivid.  My warm yellowish skin is draped in a long ivory muslin dress with muslin scarves that cover my head...I'm walking across the desert sands with offerings in hand, far in the distance and coming closer to the arrival of her temple, I kneel before the entryway and then enter the Temple of Hathor....Silently, I pay homage and leave offerings.  I stand, back away, I turn and leave the temple, my journey is complete..and once again I find myself back in the gallery.  I love going to the art museum, it's a meditative journey in which I get to travel and visually live a history, if only for a moment.
I've been inspired by all that I've been seeing and am doing lots of sculpting.  I will upload them or maybe not...I have lots of classical parts protruding outwards, unlike the Egyptian sculptors.
I've been inspired by many ideas and thoughts,and am crafting away....and during this Mercury retrograde, it is my goal to create a list of all that I plan to create and upload to E A R T H S ENERGIES....I'm excited, and hope you will be to see what's to come.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Craft Fair Jitters

Okay, calm down, come I can't follow my own advice?  I'm full of doubt and anxiety....I know it's only temporary until the actual show day.  I'm finding it challenging to prepare myself for a craft show I'll be doing....yipes...this Saturday.  Okay, okay...I sent in my application, got accepted...made new product, set my list of things to do....pack a little here, pack a little there....oh boy...I'm procrastinating...I'm sweating it out and working to make the best of the process....and it's a welcoming challenge that I hope to navigate like a pro-Craft-vendor some day.  Until then....I will share my views and experience of my first non-paganesque craft vending show soon.  Have a blessed weekend all.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waking the Witch

Wow, Merry meet, blessings, hello and welcome. It's been a long while and my journey is yet to be complete. Many things and events have taken place in my life that are creating opportunity and changes in my spiritual and wiccan path as well as my etsy site.

Gods help me, I plan to open a b2b store...doing my research and setting my records straight and getting them in order.

What is life without the welcome of Spring? This winter has seemed soooooo very long...yes, I am of the elements and I must say, I am not a cold weather witch. I love the warmth, it gives me hope and wakes me up, I come A L I V E! Energy flows through me and this is how I know Spring has come! The first peak of warmth, light and Love flows through me and this is how I know Spring has peaked, and the birth of Renewal flows through me, Hope, Love, Life, New Beginnings. Yes, Spring arrives and jumps at me, shakes me awake and awaken my witchiness.

All this aside. I've been working on revamping Earthsenergies, although I've been a not so good e-commerce uploader, I have much product to bring forth. I've enrolled in a business growth course. Fast Trac Growth Ventures and am looking for a mentor to keep the ball rolling straight into the creation of my very own store. Why I want my own store, and why I would want a Pagan store??? No, it's not a unique concept, although the connections and experiences you create and get from the people you meet...there you go.

I've been crafting my buns off, taking pictures, and working on the content for these images. I must say that taking this course has opened my eyes to my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that I can create and no fail be accountable for.

It's not an easy task to do when you're looking to be an entreprenuer, although with passion and drive, it will all come into fruition....and when it's like an operatic sigh, a blossom of a bud, the swish of air and the warmth of the sun as it caresses your skin.

All this in a handbasket. Be on the look out for new merchandise from Earthsenergies. I believe the new arrival of merchandise will happen in April. Until then, feel free to stop by for a convo or send me an email. I'm always open for a chat.

Blessings All,
Athena Hekate

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Staying grounded and connected

The question of today to embrace the challenge(s) I face today. I must get focused, grounded and connected to the energies of the earth while being creative in the process?

I have many crafting items to complete; many sculptures waiting to be uploaded. Woodboxes, crafts and many other things of the sort. Staying focused and grounded is a challenge I'm facing today. Not getting things done is making me the ultimate procrastinator today.

Today the weather is clear and warming...I need to walk upon the earth. Yet, my body sits still. My feet walk upon the wooden planks of my floor....and sit still at my computer desk.
My fingers tingle upon the keys of my keyboard. My mind wanders, listless and lacking motivation to get anything done....Today, I'm feeling challenged, I want not to think, but I must follow my to do body aches and feels tortured...I've allowed my client to invade my spirit and have to recollect the energy I've given to my job.

Eventually, I will learn the art of shaking, and work with its energies that allows my soul to be free of the mundane challenges, especially how I'm feeling today, it will certainly be of assistance for the challenges I face in this late afternoon. Constant planning, constant thinking, constant living.

As it is part of my plan in this late time of the day, I shall Breathe in the fresh air and awaken my soul. I know that life will always be a challenge, and know that it's how one embraces that challenge is something one does, but not master. I my opinion, I believe one should not master challenge(s), because challenge(s) are portals of creativity, the outlets of expressions to be.

Today, in hesitation, I'll let go and embrace my challenges, free my soul and experience life within and life around me.

As a process of creating my earths' energy....I walk upon the earth, let the goddess/muses' energy seep through the souls of my feet...listen to the words of the gods and thank them for guiding me further on my path.

And in facing my challenges today, I will chant a ditty I've written at a spiritual retreat in's titled By my Word. This chant helps me when faced with spiritual, creative and thought provoking challenges.....It's a rhythmic and repetitive chant.

Enjoy it and I invite you to use this chant when in search of guidance and motivation from the gods.

By my word I will my craft
Guide me further on my path
God and Goddess hear my call
By earth, air, fire and water
I call to you
I call to you

Monday, March 22, 2010

The coming season

Hail and Welcome to all. Whether you're a solitary or with a coven....Blessings to all for this coming season.

During the Yuletide season, I'm usually overwhelmed with the stresses of shopping, packing, travelling to visit family and friends, and with the coming of January 1st. The new year of January 1st never felt to be a new year for me.

I find myself shaking off the drosses of the Yuletide hustle and bustle,and intuitively around Imbolc I begin to bud, anticipate the coming of the season, give offerings and welcome the land to awaken; and with the arrival of spring, it's like a breath of fresh air...I began to blossom, grow, heal with the coming light, the breeze of warmth is all around me, healing me, motivating me to go, do, be in the presence of life around me. As with each new year we are re-born of wisdom and with the continual blessings of life. And within three days of the Spring Equinox, I celebrate my arrival in the universe.

In Persia No Ruz /Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the year as the Spring Equinox/Ostara does for many that follow the pagan path.

The Spring Equinox is such a powerful time of year. The wheel has turned, Light overcomes dark. The land becomes fertile, it's time to create that wish, make manifest that dream, grow with the land, get rid of the old, make room for the new. Let the healing light and warmth of the season be the spark of light that guides you. Be in the here and now, live in the present and's all about balance.

Never really knowing what the stars or the universe have in store for me, I thank the Gods that they hear my calls and bestow my wishes that I will, harming none.

This year I have a greater wish for growth and I ask of the Gods for their aid to help make manifest.

I'm seeking to create Earthsenergies to be a physical shop. Yes, a shop in which many that live in the NYC area can journey to. A shop that will have an online site to continue hosting to my many consumers and those alike.

So as the newness of spring awakens, so do I. I'm excited and anticipate what's in store for myself, my creation and the with the assistance of the Gods.

Awaken, Transform, let your spirits be reborn...Spring has sprung and it's about growth and renewal, reconnecting with the land.

As I grow, so does Earthsenergies.
Visit my site for updates and new product.

I will keep you all updated on the process to the creation of my store, Sacred Energies.


Friday, February 5, 2010

The Start of something New

Happy New Year Everybody!!!! I know, it's been a while since I've been on my blog. I'm so lost when it comes to passwords and remembering all the websites...yeesh....I'm not the computer geek I thought.

Well, the wheel definitely does turn and it's been turning and I'm hanging on figuring out what I'm up to. So far, I've had a psychic tell me that I'll have opportunity in April...if I don't take advantage of the opportunity, the door will be shut! How anxious did this make me....VERY! Okay, how will I know I'm being challenged by an opportunity....? I'm thinking, will it be something I'm doing now....? Taking a Fast Trac business course for entreperneurs.....I'd love to Open a New Age Store and add all the lovely works on my etsy site? Hmmm, well, my business course is challenging and intense. I must say, it's a motivation, although, I find myself hesitant in the financial sector....anyway....I'm loving that I have Earthsenergies on Etsy and making it work with the support of you all.
Thank you for shopping at my online store and I'm very humble and grateful for the support.

Until the near future,
All be blessed and enjoy the's full of opportunity.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pagan Word starts with........

I love words. Sometimes my sister and I would be cheekygeeks and just read from a dictionary, challenging each other, finding words that sound impossible to put into a sentence.
Since I've been on this Wiccan path. I never knew how diverse and central some of the themes were. Well, I've been amazed to learn there's a entire gamut of new terminology. Academic terminology...This goes to show you that there's lots of knowledge and academia behind the surface of this religion.

So, when some lug head says, 'hmmph...them some crazee pagean's, a bunch of heathens runnin' round'...just toss them a word or two just to baffle them. They might think you're putting a spell on them, or just being rude, but the beauty of it all is that paganism is a religion, a spiritual choice that honors the native and western traditions, and some of the terminology sounds down right archaic.

And with my blessings, here's your pagan word for today......I guess I should say esoteric as well as pagan...I don't know about you...but, for the first time, I've just heard this word....APOCATASTASIS...

When you love words, you can kinda break it down, decipher the origin and make more words from that one word. So far, I can see the word (apoca), apocatastasis might have to do with something on a large scale. Maybe not destroying, but restoring. Well, think about this and give a comment or two.