Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Looking

The other day I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with one of my best friends.  She had an invitation to see the Impressionist and Fashion in Modernity exhibit.  Not sure if that's the true title....we went and it was wonderful to see all the incredible works of art that has influenced and inspired the fashion designers today.
 We love to visit the museum and always re-visit many of the of my favorite galleries, and I have many, is to visit the European and Greek Sculpture galleries....I soooo wanted to make a visit to these galleries but didn't...:  (  no worries, not a loss, not a loss at all.  Anytime, I'll visit again...although, in homage, I made sure to visit and give homage the Hecate and Kybele sculpture that's in one of the smaller galleries adjacent to the Cycladic art and sculptures.  You know, I'm really considering becoming a volunteer and hopefully, a docent...that would be lovely.
So we're venturing around, looking at some of our favorite galleries and decided to take a tour of the Egyptian art.  What a lovely tour it was to revisit more of our favorite rooms and Egyptian galleries.  I learned a thing and more about the embalming process and how and why many of the Egyptian sculptures weren't damaged and there are many that are...and that is a given with all the destruction that's taken place in history.  Part of the undamaged process is due to and unlike the classical sculptures, many of the Egyptian sculptures, mainly the seated Pharaohs haven't any gaping holes or overly-extended masses that protrudes from the body, creating a solid form and thus creates most of the body parts to remain intact....funny thing...I should have known that when I was sculpting my Hathor figure at one point...a mystery answered, well, I was excited to hear this bit of information and will look at the Egyptian sculpture more informed and enlightened, with a deep appreciation for the sculptor.  While on our tour, we visited the Book of the Dead galleries of the exhibit, and I think I may have a faux color rendition of the embalming of Imhotep, in which I found out that there are many named Imhotep, a popular name back process depicts the judgement and weighing of his heart.  Oh about them Egyptians, steeped in deep magick with a profound sense of preservation and immortality.  At the end of our tour, we walked into the beginnings of the Assyrian-Babylonian galleries...I love it's great to know that history has existed and tells its story through pictographs, hieroglyphics and the many incredulous ways of art and sculpture, oh, the stories and mysteries that's captured within its imagery.  Also, I we walked into another side room to pay homage to Hathor.  This lovely sculpture adorned with her trendy flip do and cow ears sits resting on a pedestal...It takes me back to a journey to Dendera..  My journey to Dendera was brief, yet vivid.  My warm yellowish skin is draped in a long ivory muslin dress with muslin scarves that cover my head...I'm walking across the desert sands with offerings in hand, far in the distance and coming closer to the arrival of her temple, I kneel before the entryway and then enter the Temple of Hathor....Silently, I pay homage and leave offerings.  I stand, back away, I turn and leave the temple, my journey is complete..and once again I find myself back in the gallery.  I love going to the art museum, it's a meditative journey in which I get to travel and visually live a history, if only for a moment.
I've been inspired by all that I've been seeing and am doing lots of sculpting.  I will upload them or maybe not...I have lots of classical parts protruding outwards, unlike the Egyptian sculptors.
I've been inspired by many ideas and thoughts,and am crafting away....and during this Mercury retrograde, it is my goal to create a list of all that I plan to create and upload to E A R T H S ENERGIES....I'm excited, and hope you will be to see what's to come.