Thursday, April 24, 2008

Artistic Expression?

Artistic Expression What comes to mind?

What is artistic expression and how is it used to produce results? There are many avenues in which an artist can express him or herself.

According to the dictionary one of the meanings for

Artistic - showing imaginative skill in arrangement or execution.

Expression - The art or act of expressing especially in words or symbols. A word, phrase, or sign that expresses a thought, feeling, or quality.

So when we create, we all express through our imaginations, we work from a thought and the process goes onto the medium whether it be board, box, paper, we are expressing our creativity, our talent. We create that One of A Kind work of art.

On Etsy, everyone of us is an artist and everyone of us have some form of creative artistic expression to showcase. As a Pagan Artist of POEST, we all have the opportunity to share with our like minds how our Gods, our Muse speak through us. These handcrafted items are our creations of artistic expressions and it's a process to recreate these images from a rough design etched in our minds to actual creating them with our hands. I know for myself, when I have an idea in mind and go to work it out in clay or wood...the image begins to form and design itself.

Is it the energies of the Muse, the Gods that exude from my fingertips? I say it's a three way process...from Above we connect with the idea, in the middle we attain the resources to create and from Below we make the creation happen.

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Sus said...

Excellently written!!