Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mercury Retrograde

Life is interesting. Well, that we all know. I've been looking for work...trying not to think about this Mercury retrograde business and how it effects many things, myself and the world included.
Mercury retrograde tells me it won't be ran havoc with my computer, appointments, communication...yeah, all those things it's about. I felt like I was walking backwards, going nowhere.
This retrograde picked on all the things that would bug the heck out of me, it also pointed out to me that I should focus on the small stuff; I should be taking care of the details and take heed to its' visit.

I had a friend that swore by Mercury retrograde. She had such faith in its powers, that she would stop her life midway if she needed to. I found this hilarious, but, I understand where she's coming from. Not that I will stop my life because of it's coming, but will become more aware.
So, you see, I honor the Goddess, I honor myself being a woman, my cycle, and now the newest addition, retrogrades...yeah, Mercury is retrograde about 20% of the time and last way to long for me.

Today, mercury went direct. Things shifted back to a less stressful state. My computer is working fine...although, it's out of ink. People are returning phone calls and communication is smooth. I see the grandeur of life. And I'm stepping one foot in front of the other, no longer walking backwards.

I have to say Hail and Welcome to Hermes, the winged messenger...he rules this planet. I should know that when Mercury goes retrograde, it reminds us by slowing down life, making us repeat and remain stuck...become a bit unworldly...

When we don't sense Hermes presence, or listen to the messages from our ancestors that's like getting a thump on the head. We seek our ancestors' wisdom everyday, and these retrogrades would be an opportune time.

I'm just sayin' that when Mercury goes retro, it's a great time to honor Hermes, call to him and ask that he open the gates so we can commune with our ancestors and gain their wisdom. This is a most simple form of ritual to do 20% of the time.

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