Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pagan Word starts with........

I love words. Sometimes my sister and I would be cheekygeeks and just read from a dictionary, challenging each other, finding words that sound impossible to put into a sentence.
Since I've been on this Wiccan path. I never knew how diverse and central some of the themes were. Well, I've been amazed to learn there's a entire gamut of new terminology. Academic terminology...This goes to show you that there's lots of knowledge and academia behind the surface of this religion.

So, when some lug head says, 'hmmph...them some crazee pagean's, a bunch of heathens runnin' round'...just toss them a word or two just to baffle them. They might think you're putting a spell on them, or just being rude, but the beauty of it all is that paganism is a religion, a spiritual choice that honors the native and western traditions, and some of the terminology sounds down right archaic.

And with my blessings, here's your pagan word for today......I guess I should say esoteric as well as pagan...I don't know about you...but, for the first time, I've just heard this word....APOCATASTASIS...

When you love words, you can kinda break it down, decipher the origin and make more words from that one word. So far, I can see the word (apoca), apocatastasis might have to do with something on a large scale. Maybe not destroying, but restoring. Well, think about this and give a comment or two.

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