Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Staying grounded and connected

The question of today to embrace the challenge(s) I face today. I must get focused, grounded and connected to the energies of the earth while being creative in the process?

I have many crafting items to complete; many sculptures waiting to be uploaded. Woodboxes, crafts and many other things of the sort. Staying focused and grounded is a challenge I'm facing today. Not getting things done is making me the ultimate procrastinator today.

Today the weather is clear and warming...I need to walk upon the earth. Yet, my body sits still. My feet walk upon the wooden planks of my floor....and sit still at my computer desk.
My fingers tingle upon the keys of my keyboard. My mind wanders, listless and lacking motivation to get anything done....Today, I'm feeling challenged, I want not to think, but I must follow my to do body aches and feels tortured...I've allowed my client to invade my spirit and have to recollect the energy I've given to my job.

Eventually, I will learn the art of shaking, and work with its energies that allows my soul to be free of the mundane challenges, especially how I'm feeling today, it will certainly be of assistance for the challenges I face in this late afternoon. Constant planning, constant thinking, constant living.

As it is part of my plan in this late time of the day, I shall Breathe in the fresh air and awaken my soul. I know that life will always be a challenge, and know that it's how one embraces that challenge is something one does, but not master. I my opinion, I believe one should not master challenge(s), because challenge(s) are portals of creativity, the outlets of expressions to be.

Today, in hesitation, I'll let go and embrace my challenges, free my soul and experience life within and life around me.

As a process of creating my earths' energy....I walk upon the earth, let the goddess/muses' energy seep through the souls of my feet...listen to the words of the gods and thank them for guiding me further on my path.

And in facing my challenges today, I will chant a ditty I've written at a spiritual retreat in's titled By my Word. This chant helps me when faced with spiritual, creative and thought provoking challenges.....It's a rhythmic and repetitive chant.

Enjoy it and I invite you to use this chant when in search of guidance and motivation from the gods.

By my word I will my craft
Guide me further on my path
God and Goddess hear my call
By earth, air, fire and water
I call to you
I call to you

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