Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waking the Witch

Wow, Merry meet, blessings, hello and welcome. It's been a long while and my journey is yet to be complete. Many things and events have taken place in my life that are creating opportunity and changes in my spiritual and wiccan path as well as my etsy site.

Gods help me, I plan to open a b2b store...doing my research and setting my records straight and getting them in order.

What is life without the welcome of Spring? This winter has seemed soooooo very long...yes, I am of the elements and I must say, I am not a cold weather witch. I love the warmth, it gives me hope and wakes me up, I come A L I V E! Energy flows through me and this is how I know Spring has come! The first peak of warmth, light and Love flows through me and this is how I know Spring has peaked, and the birth of Renewal flows through me, Hope, Love, Life, New Beginnings. Yes, Spring arrives and jumps at me, shakes me awake and awaken my witchiness.

All this aside. I've been working on revamping Earthsenergies, although I've been a not so good e-commerce uploader, I have much product to bring forth. I've enrolled in a business growth course. Fast Trac Growth Ventures and am looking for a mentor to keep the ball rolling straight into the creation of my very own store. Why I want my own store, and why I would want a Pagan store??? No, it's not a unique concept, although the connections and experiences you create and get from the people you meet...there you go.

I've been crafting my buns off, taking pictures, and working on the content for these images. I must say that taking this course has opened my eyes to my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that I can create and no fail be accountable for.

It's not an easy task to do when you're looking to be an entreprenuer, although with passion and drive, it will all come into fruition....and when it's like an operatic sigh, a blossom of a bud, the swish of air and the warmth of the sun as it caresses your skin.

All this in a handbasket. Be on the look out for new merchandise from Earthsenergies. I believe the new arrival of merchandise will happen in April. Until then, feel free to stop by for a convo or send me an email. I'm always open for a chat.

Blessings All,
Athena Hekate

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